Packages and Plans

Small and mid-sized businesses are increasingly realizing that outsourcing some or all responsibility for IT support to specialized providers makes more sense than trying to perform this function in-house.

For medium sized organizations the business case for outsourcing infrastructure support is quite compelling because when it’s done properly, it delivers lower costs, increased end user satisfaction, a far greater breadth and depth of expertise, and a more reliable and effective infrastructure.

Our plans

No two businesses are the same, and no two businesses have the same IT requirements. That’s why TechWant plans are packages are designed to be flexible enough to meet any support that is needed.

Our support plans fall into two major categories, Basic Plan and Integral Plan

The Basic Plan packages are built around a fixed monthly cost for maintenance and infrastructure, plus a variable cost for support. The variable cost is based on the time spent supporting your network.

  • want an IT partner to perform basic maintenance
  • want an IT Partner to be available on-call should a major problem arise
  • have relatively simple and stable networks with little need for a service desk
  • have a good level of in-house IT expertise and are only looking for supplemental services
  • are only seeking a few hours per month of ad-hoc support
  • wish to retain accountability for IT decision making in-house.

Integral Plan packages are built around a fixed monthly cost for maintenance, infrastructure and unlimited IT support. The fixed cost is based on the size and scope of your network. Both of these support packages are built from combining a range of elements.

  • want an IT partner that will take ownership and accountability for all IT infrastructur
  • want fixed IT costs based around an IT Service Level Agreement
  • have limited in-house IT knowledge and do not wish to be IT experts
  • need the highest levels of uptime and reliability in their systems
  • have complex or demanding IT support infrastructure requirements
  • wish to retain accountability for IT decision making in-house.
  • IT management systems for desktops, servers and network devices
  • Scheduled Network Maintenance package
  • Service desk
  • Field support
  • Account management and reporting;
  • A Service Level Agreement
  • Optional IT staffing Solutions